The Part the Platforms Played, in The End of the World.

They didn’t choose what people could say, or not say, but they could, and did decide who was to hear.

They cancelled the ex president, a buffoon, but a man who knew how to expose the characteristic of profit destroying humanity, by extravagent displays of greed in his own behaviour.

And they cancelled anyone warning of the characteristic of profit destroying all humanity and all life.

Worse, they even cancelled those who spotted the solution, the only solution to the problem, the undoing of the ways of profit by the energy of the sun, even expert systems Engineers, experienced and proven in many capacities, analysing the problems in great detail, devoting their lives to that, were cancelled, their critical materials hidden from all but the most marginal of critics.

By that, the algorithms, and the profit driven platforms creating them for profit alone, succeeded in the ultimate profit driven event; the end of humanity, without humanity even becoming aware of what ended it.

For humanity to have succeeded, all people would have needed to see the problem, and the solution, presented by those trained to see such things.

But all the platforms did was bury it, so anyone seeing it, or knowing it, had no idea if anyone else ever knew it too.

All a person writing it would see, is nothing, not a clap, not a whisper, nothing.


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