The (October or November?) 2021 Medium Android App Update

Critical Review

About a month ago (Shame there is no obvious way of viewing the history of updates, hence my approximate dates from memory), the Medium App, which I had used throughout my time on Medium from sometime in 2017, was updated from something that kind of worked, so something that doesn’t work at all, as far as my usage of it was concerned.

I used to be able to function via the app, given that lately, Medium is my only non-virtual outlet for my creative activities.

But since the update, I’ve found it pretty much non-functional.

It enables nothing which I had previously criticised was missing from the old App, but in addition, many of the capabilities that existed and were taken for granted with the old version are now gone.

I literally can’t provide an exhaustive list of these, since there appears no obvious changelog.

Was an inventory of the functionality of the old app even taken, before it was updated?

Was there any analysis of the likely impact of removing any of the functionality of the old app, before it was removed?

I don’t know the answers to either of those questions, perhaps someone from Medium can enlighten.

But in absence of all of that, here is my list of things noticed, which now make it practically unusable, for my intents and purposes.

There are a myriad of other things, but the end result of these key things above, by themselves make the app practically unusable for anything but reading articles. We certainly can’t usefully create much useful with it, or even enter into dialog with anyone, it is a very much crippled thing compared with what we had before, which wasn’t perfect, but at least provided some usability.

The impacts of this must be huge.

Many users in poorer places do not have personal computers (Like I do), to go to when all else fails, to try to sort out whatever mess we might have made trying to use the app for convenience, to capture things in our heads, when we first think about them.

Places like India, and Africa, for example, they mostly have mobile phones, invariably Android, but not so many have PCs.

So those users no longer have practical writer access to Medium.

Besides the obviously discriminatory effect of this, that is an awful lot of users to be muzzled.

By Metcalfes law alone, we can see this massively impacts the value of Medium.



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