The money has to be allowed to run free.

With an avalanche of bankruptcies happening around the world, the only way to avoid making homeless and starving many tens of millions of people, is to keep issuing the free money.

With that, all pretence of debt will be removed, since we will see that money really is free to issue, how can anything reasonably be asked for it in return?

Further, when it is issued to ordinary people, the effect on the market value of the currency is that it goes up, as we saw when trillions of dollars were being issued per month, ordinary folk had enough spare income to trade on markets via apps like Robinhood, so for the first time in a very long while, they got a democratic vote, and they voted to keep many companies considered bankrupt, regardless of whether or not their investments would make a profit, because their money was free, why expect to make profit.

Companies considered bankrupt by the old system might still be very valuable still in the eyes of people, and that alone is enough to materialise desired services. People putting their money towards something without expectation of profit, is an expression of their wish to have that product or service in their lives. New projects could be funded by this also, by issuing shares in new projects. All companies could become like this, non-profits, operating on revenue from shares purchased with free money. With no need to return profit to investors, there is no need for a company to obtain profit from its services, therefore many desirable services which were not previously viable can become available for humanity, and the environment, something we do all need, and care about.

Further, why collect taxes at all if money can be freely printed?

And why have investments, if money is free?

I hope this is realised and acted on soon, as it is not long now until real human suffering. After that begins, it will be difficult to maintain the market value of the currency of any country which allows or causes real suffering to happen to its own people, even the US.


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