The Imminent Irrelevance of Accumulation

The real revolution that is underway

You might be happy that as covered by previous stories, solar power is on the way in, through the back door, via Bitcoin.

I certainly am.

If you aren’t, then you should be, really. This is great news for absolutely everyone.

At least everyone still alive.

The full extent of it seems to be still mostly way beyond most investors.

Only those investing with full knowledge that they are investing towards the end of all requirements and thus all advantages of investing, are aware.

Bitcoin is eating up money-as-debt, exchanging that for real money-as-labour.

The thing to note is that the labour is now being done mostly by sunlight.

At last we are putting the energy of the sun to work for us.

Since that energy is free, and limitless, as well as our capability to utilise it as such, and it is interchangeably money, labour, information, and even matter, there is no longer any scarcity.

That means no longer any case for profit.

We’ll probably stay in for-profit mode for while, despite it still having an ongoing collateral cost in lives, until all of this sinks in.

But as I’ve written about, in truth we could change tomorrow to an infinite donation economy, all the way throughout humanity.

Accumulation, when we think about it, is only needed in the presence of scarcity.

It is needed to build something up from one or more trickle sources, to provide the potential of a large temporary flow, when there is no source of permanent large flow.

In electrical circuits, this is done using capacitors and batteries.

In fluid systems we use reservoirs.

In financial systems we use accounts.

All of these things we use to preserve efficiency.

Without those in a system of controlled scarcity, nothing could work.

But when scarcity is removed, none are needed.

Batteries are not needed, if there is a massive source of current flow always available.

Alternating current is not needed in the supply of electricity, if there is a limitless source of DC, from which we can lose massive power, whilst still getting what we need.

Solar panel efficiencies are unimportant, if we have enough area to carpet with panels, or other solar collection physical architecture.

Accounts are not needed, if we do not need to save money.

Jobs are not needed, when we make the sun work for us.

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