The first government to invest everything in Bitcoin.

At this time of economic paralysis due to COVID-19, the writing is on the wall.

We see the impending collapse of the current economy racing straight at us, worldwide, though no-one “Official” is openly admitting it.

Free money, with no apparent collateral, issued just by printing it, is being helicoptered to all.

When that free money begins to be spent, the goods for which it is being offered will race up in price.

Because everyone knows it is just printed, backed by nothing except someone’s word, right?

How much would we trust their word?

Assuming all governments have the interests of their people at heart, the responsible ones should now be doing whatever they can to preserve the value of their economy, before it is too late.

Things would be different if a gold standard was still in place, but it is way too late to consider that. The time needed in logistics of acquiring sufficient gold to do that, would be in the order of many months, if not years.

Events with COVID-19 are ramping up daily, with no end in sight.

An alternative to a gold standard would be a Bitcoin standard.

But since Bitcoin is more portable than the actual cash needed to purchase it, a Bitcoin standard would quickly become just Bitcoin itself.

So adopting it as a standard, is effectively switching to it as a currency.

Bitcoin shares many properties with gold, but it is digital, whereas gold is physical.

It is instant to acquire, with no logistics requirement.

Fiat currencies are already mutually dependent, due to the nature of the world today. A crash of one will pretty much bring them all down.

The US economy is widely accepted as the largest worldwide.

And COVID-19 is on a trajectory to have the worst effects in US.

So, ironically, the US economy looks to be the most vulnerable.

It going down, will absolutely cause all of the other economies of the world to follow, with it.

The only economies likely to survive will be those who somehow had more than just words backing their cash.

In fact, if all adopted a gold-like standard by investing everything in Bitcoin without further delay, how could there still be a crash, in any of them?

That scenario looks to be the only possible route to avoiding the biggest financial crash we have seen, in the history of economies.

After such a crash, what will happen? Will people really believe in, and wait to start the same old broken system, all over again?

Nope, they will start buying and selling in the street with the only currency left available to them; Cryptocurrencies, via their mobile phones, like we’ve seen in places with racing inflation, like Zimbabwe, and Venezula.

But that would not be until after much pain has been experienced by the population of the world experiencing serious poverty.

So the clever government would right now be buying as much cryptocurrency as possible, to underpin its fiat currency, before that starts flagging.

The most established cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

So it would make most sense to invest in Bitcoin.

Whichever government gets in there first would be best off, since they would have purchased at the lowest price.

Who will it be?


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