The energy of the sun is all that is required, I believe.

No need to mine for resources.

We could, right now, assign all human debt to our planet, as an IOU, for the energy we’ve taken out of it to date, to be paid back by solar, the only energy created at source, for free, external to our economy.

That solves all problems.

We saw a glimpse of the possibilities when massive stimulus was issued, essentially unsecured.

Oil prices went negative and shares in bankrupt companies with much loved products soared.

In that time we were donating, with free money, rather than investing.

There is no reason why massive stimulus could not be issued indefinitely, secured against implementation of solar power, the product of which is the only infinitely donated resource capable of continuously “Bailing out” the whole of humanity, for all time.

That done, we would see implementation of 100% solar power in a very short time, as it is what people would choose to support, once they were free from the requirement to profit.

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