The Connection Between The UK Fuel Shortage, and Negative oil prices.

Relax, the scarcity enforcers are imminently losing control

Remember when oil prices went negative, when the first stimulus of $4Tn was issued in US?

Before that happened we thought it was impossible.

The idea of a negative price on anything was outside the realms of our imagination, completely nonsensical.

As was the idea that more money than reportedly was spent on the entire twenty-year Afghanistan war could be issued in a single month, resulting in even a rise, in the value of the issued currency.

Lack of truck drivers, is what is being blamed for the current lack of fuel at the pumps in UK.

Of course solutions of somehow magically conjuring up a new army of willing truck drivers is being floated past us via the news media sources.

This is by the very same folk who have the money to own cars that can be summoned to drive to them automatically from wherever they were parked, without driver, at the press of a button.

So we have automatic cars, but not automated trucks.

And no-one is mentioning it.

They want to preserve the system of people in jobs, to maintain control.

When jobs don’t exist, free money has to be issued, and control is lost.

No worries, common sense will come around, soon enough.

They are losing control, and there is nothing they can do about it.