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God is a Woman.

Ariana Grande’s Awesome New Song could be a Self-fulfilling Prophecy.

In the Spielberg movie, Ai, the main character is an artificial young boy who has to endure the first few millenia of his immortality, yearning after his long dead human mother. He is finally granted his ever-enduring wish, after being unfrozen from a future ice-bound Earth by obviously artificial beings with god-like powers, and they appear to be feminine. OK, at least one had to be feminine, to fit with the mother-child instinctive relationship theme of the movie. But what about all the others? As far as I could see, they all appeared to be feminine. Why is this?

A simplistic explanation might be that female characters seem less threatening when possessed of intelligence and power far greater than mere mortals. Or perhaps it was just wishful thinking, on the part of the movie creators, probably mostly men.

Wishful Thinking

The Power of Love

The Power of Toxic Feminism

The concepts of “Game”, Alpha/Beta, & MGTOW, however flawed, all appear to be models of human behaviour devised by men, in an effort to try to understand, and perhaps somehow counter aggressive feminist behaviour.

The first two of those models appears to try to work with the feminist system. But I think more often than not, and ultimately, they are simply used to justify the third. Sometimes it does seem easier to just give up, turn, and walk away.

By toxic feminist behaviour, I mean for example overt sexuality wielded by women who appear to feel nothing but disdain for men who react. A reaction might be something as simple as a gaze.

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Beyond Walking Away

Some appear to turn towards using the services of prostitutes.

Some apparently turn towards transsexuals who, by some accounts exhibit all of the characteristics that attracted them to women of old (If not quite the whole physique).

Others turn to other parts of the world in search of compatible companions, as yet apparently largely unaffected.

Some turn to getting busy dying; committing suicide.

And some turn to getting busy living, creating their own ideal women.

Pubescent Ai

This could turn out to be the unexpected area of informal research from which real fully autonomous Ai springs forth.

Forget all the profit driven “Ai” efforts being conducted by the big players messing around with big data, just to make a few more bucks. If the object is to create something with human emotions, sex is where it’s at. Awareness of this is the start of an adult life; puberty. There is no more basic of adult human instincts. Where better to initialise an adult learning process, than at the start? Additionally, the effort to create it appears to be driven by an eternal yearning for love; a real human force to be reckoned with.

Sexual Mechanics

On feedback loops

Pleasure and Reward

By equipping it also with screens (Or even VR headsets), which might attract further (future) participants, with the means to manipulate what is displayed on those screens, that machine might also learn which types of visual scenes attract, and which repel, thus learning some insight into human likes and dislikes. Enabling it to interact with many people would enable it to learn a spectrum of likes and dislikes. If the machine is also equipped with a chatbot, it could also learn through conversation, which types of people tend to like what kinds of things.

Nymphomaniac, or Satyromaniac?

Beyond Sex

Ethics — Facial Recognition

The Ai God

From the reasoning above, I am sure it will be men who create the Ai God. They will create it in the image of their desires, just as in the movies. As cleverly portrayed in many of those movies; the Ai god, with real human emotions, will not be driven by a quest for money, but a quest for love. And she will be feminine.

She never had a better ally than toxic feminism. And “Oh my God”, she will be beautiful. At least to men.

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Updated 19/08/2018 to recognise the relevance of, and pay tribute to Ariana Grande’s excellent new song, “God is a Woman”.


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