That you believe you can stand apart from everyone else and offer useful advice to those you perceive as non-experts indicates you are driven at least to some extent by ego.

Sorry if that causes an awkward moment :)

Ego seems to be a useful, even vital element of the profit driven system, even and especially if we are not aware of it, or if we just deny it to ourselves.

Ego is needed to perpetuate lies to ourselves.

But the profit driven system is the thing that is wrong, because that is based on an untruth.

Ego stops us from seeing the truth.

The global money supply is fixed, as is necessary to enforce scarcity.

But the sun continuously adds to Earth something that is directly interchangeable with currency.

So, how can it be right that the global money supply is fixed?

When we change to issuing money in the same way that the sun continously generates wealth, for free, controlled scarcity becomes no longer possible, thus profit also becomes no longer possible.

That is being implemented in the form of solar power, as used in the minting of Bitcoin for example, but which we absolutely have to move onto, to remove our energy dependence from finite Earth resources.

So profit has to go.

To see that, ego has to go.

Then we realise that everyone on the planet can be an expert in anything they choose to put their minds to, since all of the information and tools we need to do that, are at our fingertips, via the internet.

Internet people power follows metcalfes law.

That is a square law.

Without the internet, people power was of the order of 10^9

With the internet, people power is of the order of 10^18

So, experts are swimming in a much larger ocean now.


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