That would be the rest of us in the world, who love Mr Trump, of course.

Sarcasm aside; from here, like Ms Martincheck perfectly finely ariculates, without committing to either side, it looks like there are two bubbles, one each for red and blue.

Neither realise that they are within a larger bubble called “US politics”, containing fewer and fewer people, which is hovering very close to a needle, named “Covid”. Will it pop? We ask, and even wager, all around the world, trading your bankrupt stocks, shares, debts, futures, currency, and broken promises.

But if there is one thing that we will thank Mr Trump for, it is the money you set free, when you began to issue it in trillons, every month, showing us it really is free.

There, you can see our vote.

The secret is out, the clock can’t be wound back.

Money is free from now on.


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