That is something which has been around a long time, obviously the holders of one scarcity are not happy to see folk opting for another.

But what if neither is required any longer?

What if an infinite free source of wealth is introduced?

It already has been, it is only a matter of time until it is realised, for longer than we’ve already seen in the issue of massive stimulus, when the value of the coins of the stimulus went up, not down.

The energy required to mint coins will no longer be used when coins stop being minted.

That energy is now necessarily mostly from free sources.

When the coin minting process is done, the madness stops, and we will realise that the real thing of value is the free energy which has been established, not the coins which were produced.

Since wealth is transmitted by wire now, rather than by paper or physical scarcity, the free energy is by far the more useful currency.


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