That is a mischievous, maybe even colonial touch, “How best to wield the whip”, to encourage folk to contribute usefully.

But, remembering that the economic system should ideally reflect nature;

  • If a person does no “work” in a day, they still consume enough sun energy to live for another day, accruing another day of life, learning who knows what, which could be very valuable in the future. The energy they consumed that day is not somehow snatched back in nature.
  • All of the time a person is sick, assuming that they will one day recover again, is energy consumed towards the potential of that person recovering and beginning again to add explicit value.
  • The value of a person’s tokens follow the value perceived to be added by the person to the world, as seen by the collective. This would not change, by altering the number of tokens in stock. Adding tokens, with no additional perceived added value, would just result in the same value being distributed amongst a greater number of tokens.
  • From a personal point of view, I think people can be far more creative (thus valuable), if they are completely free to decide when, where, and how they will contribute value. It is up to the collective then to evaluate what the person is contributing, and that would be what reflects in the value of the individuals token stock.
  • If a person decides they can gain more by joining a team to achieve a project or group aim, and the group think it is a good idea to monitor the work contributed by individuals, more than maybe the system already does, then there is nothing to stop anyone creating such groups, or working in that mode, but it would probably be a mistake for the designers of the system to try to dictate what are acceptable work modes throughout the system, by penalising folk not following rules imposed by the system. With no rules to break, why break the rules. Acceptable, value adding behaviour is by definition; whatever pleases the collective.


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