Thanks Kevin, nice analysis. For me the current level of political mistrust is not surprising, as we can see insincerity wherever we look in politics. Whenever we look for the reasons for these insincerities, it always seems to lead back to personal gain for the politicians involved.

Pretty much all politicians appear to be similarly driven. In fact, they seem to be actually forced to be like that, in order to compete with their adversaries, who would otherwise financially trample them. This is exactly the same predicament as companies trying to maintain a facade of good ethics in an increasingly competitive predatory market. They literally have to ditch the ethics to try to survive. Politics itself appears to have become nothing more than a predatory market, and it seems plain for all to see, regardless of our diverse backgrounds. In this I think we are united, regardless of diversity.

I believe that decentalised non-profit democratic community driven blockchain technology will turn out to be the only antidote that anyone trusts, eventually putting all of the politicians, lawyers, bankers, and accountants out of work, and putting ordinary sincere people back in control of everything, including their own money and data, globally.

So for me, the answer is yes, trust is not only possible, we will again have it.

P.s. I just noticed Josh’s response above. Well done Josh, I wish you well in your project and will be following with interest.


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