Thanks for your response, with your view, I fully understand it, as I once felt exactly the same.

It still shocks me now, a little, to realise the world that could have been, if we hadn't got distracted by greed.

Profit just means wishing for more, in return for something we gave out. Why should we wish that? Because our system rewards it.

If we have genuine value to offer, as I think everyone has in the right circumstances, then our system should not impose any need to seek it from others, but rather, it should encourage and reward us for seeking instead to pool our attributes, working together as one.

It is actually a pretty poor world, when it is built on the death and plunder of the more pleasant of our species and our environment, and which has to continue to consume all to an ultimate destination of the death of everything, including our planet.

I am sure a story on the world we could have had, if for example the original Mr Tesla had been funded to fulfill his intention, would be something valuable, as maybe a plan for the future. Suffice for the moment to say that we could by now already have been interplanetary.

I know this because I once worked in the Space Industry, and would love to be back doing that, but we are deluding ourselves if we think profit driven efforts in that direction will ever come to anything more than an occasional publicity stunt, to keep the funds rolling in from shareholders, until it is way too late, if not already.

Namaste also, friend.


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