Thanks for your response Mugurel. I’ve been researching it for a few years, and the more it is analysed, the more it appears the only way out. It all simulates just fine, using Engineering simulation tools, far more reliably than the old profit driven transactional economy ever could.

It seems pretty inevitable, if literally hundreds of millions of faithful, valuable, consciensious workers are not to be left starving and homeless very soon. We have to get over the idea that asking for, and receiving donations is somehow shameful or an affront to our dignity. Artists and other creatives have had to do it forever, and it is how nature works.

Also, it is the only option left to pay everyone to stay at home and starve to death the virus.

It is a forlorn hope that somehow a profit driven vaccine will be our saviour.

The question really comes down to whether to starve the people, or to starve the virus.

It can be characterised as us moving from stage zero, to stage one of the Kardashev scale.

The more folk chewing it over, the better of course, so if we would like it, we have to get talking about it.

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