Thanks for your response Hermes, with expert information.

It all makes sense to me, up to the point where we agree there is no proof of an external reservoir of consciousness.

At that point, I guess you would stop, having no reason to give it further thought.

As for or me, I am no expert in any of this, but I can’t resist digging deeper. Even though there is no scientific proof, logically the presence of such a resorvoir of consciousness makes more sense to me, as this would explain many things in the various religious texts, which surely exist for a reason.

If there was only one story of “Gods”, I could be convinced it was just that, a story. But the sheer volume of texts, scriptures, paintings, memorised spoken accounts, and other artifacts focusing on beings beyond our understanding from ancient times, is surely hard to ignore.

We were truly fixated with gods.

Further, it seems a little dangerous to continue ignoring the basic moral messages communicated by those religious artifacts given our current trajectory towards serious problems in the very near future.

The artifacts were supposed to be a kind of moral framework for us, warning of dire consequences if the guidance was ignored. Sure enough, we can see now that such a framework was needed. Law and order is needed. How did they know we would need it?

This seems instrumental in the culture of greed we are now almost locked into, driving us to destruction.


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