Thanks for your reply also. Your own values indeed sound fine, but how much of those would you attribute to religion?

If religion never existed, and somehow we were still here in any case, do you really believe your values would still be the same?

For me, the question is not whether or not we were created by some form of higher intelligence beyond our understanding, the evidence for that looks pretty scientific when we remove the misinformation attributable to practices outside those permissible within the “regulations” of religion, practically interpreted.

A perfectly reasonable question to ask within the “Regulations”, is the nature of such a higher intelligence, now that we might be some way higher up the ladder of understanding, arguably attained by rapid human evolution.

The peril appears to be in denying the existence of such an intelligence altogether, since only by that, can we lose sight completely of our own true origin, our own true nature, and therefore perhaps also our future.

That scenario would surely be humanity lost.


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