Thanks for your reply.

I don’t see the concept of profit being as useful as gain.

One gains knowledge every day with no need for profit.

That knowledge applied usefully may make us further gain, if by that we add value to the world, as perceived by others, or even by ourselves.

The idea of profit, rightly or wrongly, has been abused to an extent that it now seems almost indistinguishable from theft, in many circumstances.

I think most people are tired by having to continually examine every “deal”, to establish whether or not we think it was “fair”.

Unnecessary, I believe, if we just simplify in a way that removes the possibility of unfairness.

In the right system, the reward to the individual will always be right in the eyes of the collective, for every transaction.

That kind of collective consciousness of fairness also addresses your concerns of privacy in the proposed system.

If there is no possibility of gaining from unfair behaviour, what is the point of spying, or hiding anything?


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