Thanks for your cool article Gav. I think enlightenment is coming along, despite the more vocal being largely skeptical. They have their own motives, usually to make profit.

More and more folk are realising the fundamental problem of the internet so far being most suitable for promoting the interests of big business, at the expense of the individual, and the problems this is causing.

Optimising for encrypted peer-to-peer will likely change all of that, enabling a complete rework of society, in ways we can barely imagine right now.

But like you point out, it will be difficult, as the natural tendency for big business is to block all forms of encrypted peer-to-peer traffic, because it has no value to them, except in some special cases, like rolling out windows updates, for example.

I noticed someone asking the critical question of where to store all of the blockchain data.

The answer is, the storage capacity of all of the machines of everyone put together is simply mind-boggling. All that needs to be done is to use it wisely. The blockchain experiments seen so far, don’t really do this. But they’ve given us a glimpse of what is possible, especially the phenomenal self-sustaining value characteristics of crypto-communities.

The key thing is not all blockchain data needs to be stored on all machines, only enough of it, on enough machines to (a) make it safe, and (b) easily retrievable by all on the network.

I am confident a solution for this will be forthcoming, and with that solution, all will become possible.


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