Thanks for this, looks like an interesting new virtual world development, love the screenshot.

I hope the developers will not miss a vital element which has been missed in the real world for thousands of years, the presence of the sun, and its effects on energy and economy when a significant part of the land is covered with solar panels, to make use of its extra-terrestrial power, including even to generate currencies such as Bitcoin.

We could really do with that being simulateable in a virtual twin of Earth, to see the likely future effects of it on the real Earth, that is free money for all people, and the end of concepts like profit, by the elimination of scarcity, such that it can no longer be maintained as a means of control.

That would be the true end of slavery, and the transition from stage zero to stage one of the Kardashev scale, and something we might even be in the earlier sub-stages of, in the real world right now.

Being able to show it by simulation, in a game or otherwise would be awesome, and that would be the virtual world which is truly ahead of the curve, in the world of competition between different virtual worlds.


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