Thanks for taking the time to write this story, it shows you are excited by, and motivated by progress.

It is cool to think this is true, like it is cool to think we might see interplanetary travel to Mars one day soon, or human-made fusion power, but “Exists” means more than “In development”, which is often funded in vain by investors when development timescales are of the scale of the lifetime of a person’s career. The main figures of such projects can just retire if the project fails, rich anyway, like in the case of the safe decommissioning of any nuclear plant, they remain, all of them, in a state of hazard to humanity.

But thinking as above blinds us to the reality that even more impressive developments than above could be possible, if we dispensed with the profit driven economy.

Things we would all like to have, but that don’t make profit, like infinite free power for all people, and immortality.

To get there, we need to plug into a fusion power plant, the only one that exists as far as we are concerned, which is the sun, the very thing that donates the energy that creates all things in our solar system, for free.

That, is crucial for humanity, but masked by profit driven projects with no chance of success whilst driven by short term profit; Occam’s Razor is most hastily applied, with the cutting of many crucial corners, unfortunately.

We are presented with an opportunity now, to insist on free money, given that there is already a proportion of wealth now being injected into our global economy from the infinite external source, the sun, via currently implemented solar power, which our economy has no mechanism to account for.

By transferring all human debts as being actually owed to our planet, in return for the energy we’ve taken out of it to date, instead of to each other, we can rapidly close the deficit, by implementing full scale solar power, which is infinite, and as such will overtake the debt which is finite, though substantial.

Note that this withstands all arguments.

It is regardless of panel efficiencies etc, which are improving in any case, but the key point is that since the energy received from earlier panels can be used to create future panels, it is infinitely scaleable.

Recognising that would be real progress.


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