Thanks for taking the time to post this, all valid points presented with such passion, yet with no aggression.

And what incredible photos.

The second in particular reminds of paintings in Egyptian relics, where we see Afro featured people working together with more lighter skinned people, with no records of financial rewards changing hands.

Commercially accepted history concludes that they were working for nothing, therefore were slaves.

And yet, in the artifacts, they are indicated as working as “Concubines” and “Bodyguards”, with who we decided must have been their “Owners”.

The absence of shackles and chains from all of those artifacts becomes irrelevant, if we’ve already decided the relationship was slavery.

See how collaborative, good friends, working together, pooling attributes as maybe we once did, becomes nonsensical nowadays, by the modern profit driven economy?

History is literally warped, by profit driven forces, working to make us believe this is the way it is, always has been, and can only be.

By that we salve our conscience, of continuing to build empires on a base built by slavery.

Key to ending the bad dream, is ensuring we identify the true root source of the problem in the system; systemic greed.

That is why we need a little effort from everyone, of all colours, to tie it down and eliminate it.

The effort needed by every individual is to consciously undo the systemic brainwashing done on each of us, the part we’ve all played individually, unconsciously perpetuating the greed driven system, with the result that we all think it is OK, and even something to be admired, to be taking advantage of our fellow humans, gaining at their expense, and ultimately at cost to lives, and eventually our species, and the planet.

An artifact I would draw attention to, assuming none of us should worry about causing offence, is “The mis-education of the Negro”, easily found in a Google search.

It is an analysis of how the brainwashing works, describing how everyone of all colors, unconsciously participates in it.

A key concept, is to separate us into groups of “Them, and us”.

We should try to avoid that, we are all the same species.


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