Thanks for sharing. This article seems to me to highlight a missing piece of jigsaw puzzle, which might be directly relevant to the story of the breakup of my own parents. This could well be the primary driver of my own Mother’s struggle to live up to the expectations of her view of feminism. The UK has always been strongly influenced by events (And books), in the US. I even remember my mother mentioning Betty Friedan, so I am sure that she read, and would have been inspired by at least part of the book published in 1963. I remember because they shared the same first name, Betty. Also, I was born in that year of publication. This also happens to be the same year that the symptoms of my Mother’s later diagnosed manic depression first manifested, a thoroughly horrid stress induced illness, from which she, and everyone in the circle of her loved ones, suffered dreadfully for the rest of her life.


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