Tirhakah thanks for posting your heartfelt appeal, it is useful to hear how folks of all backgrounds feel, and be assured; we feel your pain, even if not experiencing it first-hand as you are.

I think it is really important for everyone to keep in mind that we are working with a system that is actively working to create and cause division and mayhem.

Race, age, social status, religion, gender, geography, political sympathies, and skin color, are all examples of things that this system is working on, to try to divide us.

Skin color is something it finds easy to work on, as we all have skins, and there is so much history of high emotion on the subject, it naturally becomes apparent to the system that this is a most profitable division.

Every viral emotive tweet and every story on the subject is more revenue for the system, and that is the only thing that matters to it.

More sinisterly, it appears also to have learned that the most profitable outcome scenario of any division is a bloodbath.

Hence it automatically works to downvote more moderate material, such as appeals for calm, like maybe this one of yours, though the system will make exceptions, where someone might point at the system itself as being the culprit, as I am trying to do now, as I hope your story gets the circulation it deserves.

The important thing to note is that the people involved, who might be actively doing the things which are most damaging to you, are mostly unaware that it is the system that pits them against you.

They are the modern equivalents of the gladiators of Roman days; slaves, enslaved by debt, performing for the masses, sacrificing both themselves and their victims.

The clever way for us to deal with it effectively is for everyone, the misguided performers, the victims, and the horrified audience, to all stop whatever we are doing, to turn together as one, and point to the system of all things driven by profit, as being the culprit of our woes.


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