Thanks for posting, very cool you quoted also the opinion of David Olusoga, who’s work I much respect.

Slavery was about profit.

Somehow we became convinced it was OK to brutalise people of other countries, for profit.

We are still brainwashed into thinking this is OK, all of us to some extent or another, of all colours.

Otherwise, why do we allow it to continue?

Trump was the first to admit that is what capitalist foreign policy is all about.

Many seem to hate that, they much prefer the sneaky approach, to get folk to do awful things without even realising it themselves.

See who is gaining here?

The very same forces that worked to create slavery.

Pitting slaves against one another has always been highly profitable.

If we support the toppling of the Colston Statue by a minority of activists, where does that stop?

The UK is steeped in horrible history.

Public vandalism is a great way to generate publicity, which is always profitable.

The toppling of the statue has become world news.

Who is profiting from that?

What other kinds of bad behaviour by marauding groups in the UK, and the US, will be rewarded and applauded around the world?

As David says, the toppling of the statue is history.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to mark the beginning of yet more horrible history.


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