Dana, thanks for posting, this obviously does need to be thought about more, by some folks, who don’t seem to be getting the message.

For their attention:

We’ve all seen how specs of dust hang in the air, as if by magic, somehow defeating the forces of gravity.

They do that because their tiny mass is small enough to rest a little on the molecules of the air.

Those specs of dust are in the order of a few tens of millionths of a metre in size, we can only see the ones that reflect the light, sparkling in the air.

This pesky thing killing us is 125 nm (google it if in any doubt), which is a few tens of billionths of a metre.

So it is 1000 times smaller than the smallest spec of dust we might see hanging in the air.

Does it somehow fall to the ground?

Of course not, it absolutely is airborne.

And it is not alive, like something that needs food, it is actually a piece of protein, formed into a deadly mechanism which activates on contact with cells (google if any doubts!).

So in theory, it can exist anywhere indefinitely, if it doesn’t come into contact with something that destroys it, like some strong chemicals, or an immune person’s antibodies.

Think about this, kids; if we don’t deal with it effectively, right now, it could still be around when you get old.

Even if you are immune now, will you still be, when you get old?


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