Thanks for posting this, cool analysis of the ideals which have driven the entire industrial revolution, which brought us to where we are.

I agree completely that the power of ideas is second to none.

However I do not agree capitalism has been all that good for ideas.

It is unfortunate that anything else is stigmatised as “Communism”.

As an ideas person, it has always been apparent throughout life so far, how many good ideas are crushed by the commercial system.

By our system so far, the only “Good” ideas are the ones which are profitable.

The population of truly good ideas which never saw the light of day, far outweighs the ones we’ve seen successful, in my opinion. So much so, we mostly have no idea how much better things could be, if all truly good ideas could be nourished to their full potential.

Even worse, is trying to imagine the number of good ideas extinguished in the human population being extinguished, by the same problem.

If we think of ideas as something like a live population, our mode of business looks something like a second order genocide, actually.

At the heart of that problem is profit, which decides which ideas will live or die.

Profit as a live thing is a monster, the grim reaper of ideas, which feeds on all of them in the end, even the ones that lived for a while as things profitable.

As an ideas person, that looks crystal clear to me.

We need only look at the fate of interplanetary and supersonic flight, as examples of good ideas which lived briefly, and died at the hands of profit.

We can’t really pretend that what Elon is doing with old rocket Engines is any substitute for the kind of space industry we once had.

And ironically, probably the most prolific ideas person known in the history of humanity, Nikola Tesla, had pretty much all of his ideas obliterated by the profit monster, throughout his life. If all his ideas were at least public, we would learn a lot from those.

Ideas thought about but not seen any real development, are things like free power for all humans, and real cures for illnesses which are more profitable to maintain rather than cure.

If that was not the case, we could have been immortal by now.

Instead, we are being massacred once again, by a simple virus.

In addition, we have no real solutions to the problems of endless environmental destruction, increasing inequality, endless wars, widescale “job” losses due to automation, etc, etc.

So, investing in an idea is not what is needed.

Rather, a means of evaluating and nourishing truly good ideas, to make those immortal, is needed.

By that, we make humanity immortal.

By anything else, we make humanity extinct.

A clue how it has to be done, is in how the sun donates all energy to all creation for all time for free.

By capitalism, we try to freeze time, by freezing creation in pieces of gold, or Bitcoins, to claim those can be substituted for creation.

That was a bad idea that has to be stopped, if we wish to have anything but extinction.

There is a very simple solution.

It is to recognise that the true source of everything of value, creation, is sunlight, it is given to us for free, nothing asked in return. It undeniably belongs equally to all people and all life.

Our money must become something which works in exactly the same way, fully interchangeable with sunlight.

To see it, we have to be open to the fact that profit, was, and is, a very bad idea.

That probably means reversing some of the stigma which appears locked up in the idea of public property, seemingly labelled as “Communism”.

Is the power of the sun, communism?

Does that even matter?

I hate to be the one to point this out, but in the system of money so far, we can’t claim to be defenders or supporters of ideas, if we are also just capitalists.

In an electronic system, there are lots of components which store energy, just like the pockets of wealth we see in society.

But in an electronic system, we see also the thing that matters, where power is absorbed or generated, current flow.

Those are the points of creation, where we see energy absorbed or generated, it is actually just being converted to another form, that is creation.

We need money to flow in exactly the same way.

It starts by the people who have none, demanding they have some, and them being given it, for free.

Anyone can read more in the stories in my profile, assuming those are public.

They were given for free, just like sunlight.


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