Thanks for posting Nour.

I think your analysis from a pragmatic, religious point of view, scrutinising the history of slavery, and human nature, is far more useful in educating folk on the beneficial nature of your religion, than any amount of memorising lines of it in school might do, interesting as they are.

I think there are similar benefits in all religions, if they are taught pragmatically.

As a child who was raised in Scotland, my distant memories include learning hymns and lines from the bible, yet in early teens decided it was all just attempted brainwashing and hocus pocus, and was atheist until late forties when I started to take an interest in the history of humanity, driven by some experiences of inhuman things done to me, and began to see how religion appears to be a necessity for humanity.

Not just christianity, but all religions.

Personally I think religion should be treated like any other intellectual pursuit, it seems to do little good trying to force it on children, resulting mostly in extremism and atheism. After all, how can we expect kids to understand any of it, when by definition, it is something beyond the full comprehension of even the most intelligent mortals?

Isn’t it extremely interesting, that religion seems to better equip us in understanding the true nature of slavery?

I think so.

I hope your story gets the attention it deserves.


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