Thanks for posting Mike, so true.

There is actually a very rapid, non-violent solution, if we can all get our heads round some basic science and economics, which might have been disguised and dismissed until now as something spiritual (Since it is non-profit, how else can it make sense?)

In a nutshell, everyone’s income can be very quickly switched to being in debt to our planet, as opposed to debts to one another, by assigning all debts and future income to be repaid by direct solar power, direct from the single source of all wealth, which is infinite, our sun.

Banks and governments could then simply open the floodgates of infinite stimulus, knowing that it will be balanced very quickly by sufficient implementation of solar power.

Our economic systems to date have ignored the availability of the infinite wealth source that is the sun, the original source of all wealth.

It seems strange after we see this, how we never saw it before, with maybe the exception of Nikola Tesla, but hey ho, who cares, it is a definite solution, and it seems the only solution.

All we need to do to get it rolling, is keep demanding the free money, towards the infinite sum, which is due equally to each and every one of us, rich and poor, from the sun.

There is only one universal donor, but only one is needed. It funds all things in nature, and it never asks for anything back, far less anything at profit.

Why should it not directly fund humanity, like all things in nature, and why should we not demand it, like all things in nature, rather than hiding from it, like something unnatural.


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