Thanks for posting Kitty.

It seems to be something peculiar to “Developed” worlds, this awkwardness over sex.

I won’t comment often on it, because lots of talk on that subject in our society usually means not much action, and that would be the truth in my case, for the last 18 months or so.

I do put some blame on the gender dynamics of our profit-at-all-costs world.

Folks in Latin American countries for opposite example, have no problems whatsoever talking about sex, they sing about it all the time, they transmit it in their dances, and their attire, and they love to let all their neighbours know when they are enjoying it.

I personally love all of that, the best sex is the loudest, and good sex often leads to love. That means multiple orgasms for the girls, and guys, if we are single, we gotta stay fit, eat our greens, and keep everything well exercised until the next time we are required to show what we are made of.

Kitty I believe you just need to meet the right person to re-light your fire, and for sure, you will. You obviously have many admirers!


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