Thanks for posting, it is true battery technologies are fundamental for EV application, but for “Renewables” not so much so, assuming we are referring to “renewable energy” applications.

The reason why, is obscured, partly by the term “renewables” itself, applied to energy.

When we trace energy back to source, it all came from the sun.

We can either extract it from Earth, just like we have always done, or harness it directly from the sun.

In that sense, the energy we use is either second-hand, from Earth, or first-hand, from the sun.

That is the only distinction which is important, since any and all second-hand energy extracted from Earth affects it, and all things living on it in some way or another, as we are seeing, but further, such extraction is the fundamental driver of our economic system, with all things economic quantified in terms of discrete accounts containing static numbers.

There I think, is where our nightmarish illusion of reality begins, resulting in us thinking always in terms of controlled scarcity.

Hence maybe the reason we don’t seem to recognise the value of the power of sunlight, until it can be stored in things like Batteries, or Bitcoin, and thus quantified by an account of some kind or another.

Moving beyond that helps us to see that the energy of the sun is unlimited and infinite, thus if fully utilised, eliminates scarcity, which physically eliminates all aspects of profit and capitalism.

So terms like efficiency, cost, and price no longer have meaning, and things like batteries no longer make sense, at least not for anything that can be directly powered from sunlight, including the entire power grid of Earth, were that to be interconnected, which makes absolute sense.

That leaves only EVs and other mobile vehicles still needing batteries.

This might sound like something very far in the future, but it isn’t, not at all, as we are seeing since Bitcoin became largely solar powered, the seemingly magic capability of being able to issue unlimited fiat money from “thin air”, whilst seeing its value even increase, it is actually backed by something with huge authority, the energy of the sun, but the money-issuing authorities, including even the Bitcoiners themselves, have yet to realise it, or admit it.

If you happen to know any major Economists, Bankers, or prominent Bitcoin figures like Max Keiser or Roger Ver, or even Sylvain Saurel, try running this past them.

Perhaps you might even care to comment yourself.

A wall of silence is a perfect example of scarcity control, I think.