Thanks for posting, I appreciate your effort. As also a pioneering mindset; futurist views are always of interest. In formative years I was an avid reader of sci-fi, and never lost the appetite for it.

But, even as a highly qualified and practiced Systems Engineer, I am very critical of this story as it looks to me like the standard profit driven silicon valley capitalist’s version of a “Better World”.

It looks like an attempt to propagate a mindset of “Everything will be just fine, don’t worry”, and does not adequately explain the details of how exactly our current problems such as global inequality, mass debt, mass unemployment, perpetual wars, addiction to fossil fuel consumption, and inability to deal with even a simple virus are sorted out.

It also does not make much sense. Geo-Engineering is not something that makes much sense to anyone who knows a little about environmental science, or even a little physics. Many of us have written stories warning of the problems with this in the past.

The energy of the single real source of energy in our solar system, the sun, must be directly plugged into for humanity to remove our energy dependence from Earth-bound resources. That is the only way to stop planetary pollution, and allow the planet to recover.

That is simple logic. And it is the exact opposite of geo-engineering.

Rather than admiring Elon Musk, try researching Nikola Tesla, the namesake of Elon’s company, and finding out what Nikola lived for, free power from the sun, and internet-like connectivity for all of humanity, and why it failed.

What should be obvious by now is that all of the recent mistakes of humanity, including the de-funding of Nikola Tesla were, and are driven by profit.

That can’t be overstated.

It is so profound that even our education now, inluding even that of Ai, has been stunted and perverted by the drive for profit, to the point that many now struggle to understand why something like geo-engineering, or even drinking bleach, would have exactly the opposite effect to saving the planet, or ourselves; it would be fatal.

Tell me a single “Good” thing that has been developed at profit, in the past thirty or forty years, and I will tell you an infinity of better things that could have been done without it.

Once you realise this, you will have the basis for a much better story. Things like immortality become not unrealistic. If Nikola Tesla had succeeded, he might even have been still with us now, along with Einstein, and a myriad of other geniueses from around the world, those saved and empowered, rather than killed in two world wars, and countless more in ongoing colonialism thoughout the world. You’ll realise that even the timescales we’ve been used to in the more recent profit driven era actually compress. We could have been to the stars already. Far from being rapid, our progression since around the eighties has slowed to a snails pace, before apparently actually going into reverse.

The trick to creating a real possible future, is seeing what it will look like without profit.

Because there appears to be literally none with it.


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