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I am guessing you mean “Dire” in this context, to be from the point of view of the Elites, to whom access to markets was something exclusively held.

“Dire” might be how they would describe the effects of common folks in markets, trading with money they “got for free”.

Those ordinary folk we sometimes hear described as “Losers”, by other “More experienced” traders, for buying stocks in “Bankrupt” companies, with no interest of profiting from their free money, they bought shares simply because they identify with the things the companies they’d heard of offered, such as cars for hire, and luxury cruises on ships.

The result is that we see a possibility of bankrupted companies somehow rising again from the ashes, perhaps as non-profit entities in the future, continuing to offer things seen as desirable to every day people.

Further, it opens possibilities of all manner of new previously unviable non-profit public interest services beneficial to humanity and the environment like we’ve never seen before, manifesting, just by being something ordinary people want.

That opens up an avenue of public freedom not foreseen, by those under the illusion that the freedom of ordinary people must be controlled in order to maximise the wealth of Elites. They maybe didn’t realise that the most truly valuable things, are those valued by most people.

It goes even for money itself, money is seen as most valuable when ordinary people get to spend it.

Hence the reason the dollar value soared, whilst trillions of it were freely issued, ordinary people got a little of it to spend in the markets recently opened to them by apps like Robinhood, and the prices of traditional “Safe haven” assets like gold, and even contemporary safe-havens like Bitcoin, languished, in favour of cash.

The people got to make a mockery of the old ideas of money supply requiring to be limited, companies requiring to make profit, and people spending their lives trying to acquire capital in hope of obtaining financial security.

We see now this bag of cats has burst open, worldwide, and they won’t be put back.

Now we can see there is no scarcity, and definitely no austerity.

Now we can demand the free money keeps getting given out, knowing everything it empowers, and besides, we will literally be starving and homeless without it.

The best thing the elites can do now, is enjoy and celebrate their privileged status as long as it lasts.

Smile and wave, and keep printing the free money that literally buys our popularity.


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