Ted, I admire your logic here, and recommend you pursue it.

I think you touch on a very touchy subject around the big bang!

I think you’ll find one of the unanswerable questions around the big bang theory, is where exactly it began.

Where exactly, relative to us, did it all begin? No-one seems to know, or even worse, to care.

If we analyse it like an explosion using ballistics style geometry, we would expect to be able to solve for an exact position.

But it turns out there is no solution. No matter where we go, the expansion appears uniform in all directions, unlike that of an explosion.

So something even weirder than a big bang appears to be going on.

If there is no spatial source, how can there be an initial condition?

If there is no initial condition, no convergence, then there is no time limit as to how long the expansion has been in existence.

How do we know that the expansion is not a property of all matter as well as all of space?

How do we know that our atoms themselves, and those of any physical instruments we might use to try to measure the expansion, are not also constantly expanding?

If they were, then would not all things physical expand towards each other, and then on contact, stick together thereafter with an apparent force between them?

Of course they would.

Then we might call that force gravity.

This is just an idea, one I’ve been chewing over for an awful long time. Maybe a crazy one, but I would love to hear folks thoughts on it.


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