Sunlight is different from money in that there is no universal generator of money, whereas obviously there is the sun, which generates an essentially fixed amount of sunlight every day.

If the sun were to suddenly stop shining, all things in nature would quickly expire.

Yet the world of money seems like a world in which the sun never did shine. It is necessarily built up on the ideas of scarcity, because the knowledge to build an equitable empowerment generator like the sun never existed.

So we seem to have achieved what has been achieved so far, in the least productive environment possible, an environment built to survive in the absence of a universal empowerment generator, an environment in which we must essentially cannibalise one another in order to survive.

Does not labour as a concept itself seem synonymous with slavery?

Enslavement, and labour, are surely only applicable in artificial environments where people can be deceived, by others, or by themselves, into believing things given or received must always be for things in return.

In a way, we could consider ourselves like people who have never seen sunlight.

If we had never seen it, we might imagine it does not exist.

In a similar way, as we have never seen it, we might struggle to imagine how a world of "money" which acts simply as a medium of empowerment without being tied to the value of anything that might be defined as a fair return, can work.

In that alternative scenario, we could only give, without demands of direct recipients, in the same way as all things in nature, but we can be secure in the knowledge that we will receive all we need (or wish) automatically from the universal empowerment generator.

Anything given is simply at the desire of the individual, the most valuable output is surely that which is done with the enjoyment of the individual, rather than as dictated by some other.

Key to seeing how this works is recognising and understanding the reason that the opposite of what was predicted, was observed, in the value of the dollar, when it went up in market value, whilst it was freely given away, when it should have gone down in market value, by conventional economics of scarcity (Dilution of capital) thinking.

As things stand, there is still no universal empowerment generator, but we should be able to see how things might progress to that, after control is voluntarily and even willingly given up, by the issuing authorities, when the truth becomes apparent.

I don't see how this can be avoided, as things stand, as there seems no way conventional (Profit driven) business can be recovered in such a way as to support the whole of humanity.

We'd already seen it struggle, stumbling most recently in 2008, but now having fallen flat out, tripped by covid, it is still breathing, but so many companies are now technically unviable, they have to fail, free money has to be issued for the foreseeable future.

Seems to me, the only question remaining is how we will get to the final ideal universal empowerment generator.

Some routes could be more painful than others.


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