Such an important observation, beautifully put, thanks for posting.

I wrote a story near the beginning of the covid alert, questioning whether the definition of a virus must be confined to physical.

It used some documented academic analyses of how some different viruses are known to collobaratively interact, to overcome hosts.

So it follows perhaps we should include evidence of this kind of collaborative interaction to identify other viruses via the collaborative link, as evidence of other real viruses at work.

In the case of covid, we see a pretty much direct correlation between the drive to profit, and the spread of covid.

Perhaps the drive to profit, an identifiable, viral mindset, affecting all of humanity, for thousands of years, should be formally declared as a virus, given its obvious collaborative operation with physical viruses.

As usual my story didn’t do particularly well, in circulation, in fact, it didn’t circulate at all :)

I hope and trust this one of yours will do much better.


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