Steve the Earth is just a ball we live on.

The fossil fuels took millions of years to form from the energy of the sun, and we’ve burned a large portion of them in just 150 years.

It is not difficult to see this is unsustainable.

I agree, some aspects of the climate crisis are arguable.

But we can’t ignore plastics poisoning in our environments which is wiping out many species of life, and which we too now have in our food chain, with associated fatal diseases including cancer on the rise, with no method of reversing it in a survivable timeframe.

And we can’t ignore that energy, which equates pretty much with wealth, can’t keep being taken out when there is none being put in.

The sun is not just a “Primary source” of energy, it is the only source of energy.

This argument has to leap over what is profitable in the short term, to what is survivable.

Obviously if we need energy indefinitely, then ultimately we must accept it at source, the sun.

I am not sure where you are getting your information from on the development of fusion, but all my research indicates it is still far from a reality. Maybe one day it will happen, when we can concentrate on those kinds of world scale projects, perhaps for spacecraft to fly independently of the sun in the future, but right now, it does not exist, and there is no guarantee it ever will.

But we do have solar farms, there are many examples. This technology will perfect as we use it more.

After implementation of worldwide industrial scale solar energy, the idea of a zero sum economy will become history, since then we will have effectively infinite energy, i.e. wealth for all people, accommodating our population expansion to whichever point it levels off, as we know it would.

I am saying all of these things as certainty as I know this is the only survivable future.

We can’t keep taking, and never giving back. And giving back isn’t always about financial ROI.

You should know this too.


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