Stephen you got me here, apologies I took the wrong meaning again from your writing, and provided a poor response, sorry about that.

I understand a little of your experience of “mental health” though not so much from first hand perspective myself, but from observing the mistreatment by the profit driven system of someone from whom I directly inherited genes, and intelligence from, and whom I loved very much.

I learned from what happened to her, how to avoid the clutches of those who would help us “Fix” what they define as mental health issues.

Who is anyone, to be the judge of the mental health of another, is a question I have asked more times than I could possibly remember in life.

As far as I am concerned, your writings indicate someone of high intelligence, rather than someone with any problem that might need “Fixing”.

It seems a jeopardy of writing, and all other known forms of human communication, in the presence of the mind warp you identify, it is so easy to grab the wrong meaning from a person’s output, then, often, communications break down.

But I hope and trust ours have not.

You are right of course, we, individuals, humanity, can’t function correctly in the warp presence of enslavement, neither as slave, nor even as slaver.

The collective madness affecting business and government is getting worse, we read more crazy examples of it every day.

Crazy, in that none of it is in the interests of humanity, always only some individual, or some tribe, at the expense of others, with the net result of reduction of value to all.

Where there might be a difference in our respective perceptions, are that you believe, or define, humanity as being aware, whereas I don’t, though I sometimes feign we do, in agreement with the claims of others who do, otherwise offence can be the outcome.

I see stories every day by people which are unwittingly on the subject of the disconnect between the sun and humanity, affecting the environment, and our economy, and even our mental health, yet without apparent realisation of this missing connection by the authors, that really should be laughed out of our midst, yet, they are feverishly followed and defended by seemingly the majority, it seems only a few lone voices, pointing out the fundamental problem of humans operating in a closed, zero-sum box, as if disconnected from the sun, and the seemingly enlightened few treated like lepers, even in all of history, Nichola Tesla, for example.

To be honest, this truth did not become fully apparent to me until I dived down some rabbit holes during PhD research, beginning 2017', intended to solve another seemingly unrelated technical problem, and came to the conclusion that this is the real, even spiritual problem, at the root of all others, that must be solved in order to begin solving others.

That was after fifty years of seemingly mostly “successful”, if unfulfilled life in technical leadership relative to others my age, never really understanding the real problem myself, so really I can’t, and shouldn’t expect others to be at a similar level of understanding.

What I hope you can see is that the closed economic loop is a function of the zero-sum closed box.

If we implement a scheme of agreement between humans to compensate all outlays, then we perpetuate the closed loop, and the madness continues.

The 1.25 percent you mention sounds like an agreement that needs to be made between humans.

If I am perceiving the function of it correctly, there is no need for it, if we have an input of free energy empowering all of humanity.

Of course the physical energy input is not yet there, as we have not invested in the infrastructure to plug into the sun.

Evidently, the investment needed cannot be produced by our zero-sum economy.

So, we need to open the economic loop, in order to get funding released for the infrastructure needed.

Free money, is just a way of opening the loop.

Or have I misintepreted again?


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