Stephen thanks for your response. It is unfortunate UBI has maybe already laid claim to, and identified itself with the term free money, because for sure, most of the proponents of UBI, sell it as an affordable expense to the Elites, which implies it is some kind of charity.

But actually, like the energy of the sun, it should be the source of all value, and that source is free.

If we try to imagine the damage that would be done to all things living off sunlight, if somehow sunlight could be packaged up and scarcified, to be sold on only in return for payment of something by all natural consumers in return, to the packagers, we know instinctively it wouldn’t work. Nature would be finished in a very short time.

And yet, that is what is being done by the oil industry, to humanity, via the banks.

Way I see it, money is our analogy to sunlight in nature, it is our medium of empowerment. If we were to free it, we would see our freedom to add value to the planet also freed to leap forth, like nature that had been deprived of sunlight for a time, back in the sunlight, we would explode with productivity.

Sorry I know I am guilty of preaching to the converted, but it helps in writing these things to further condense in my own mind also.

Onwards and upwards, glad to hear you have some means to put to good use.


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