Stephen, I don’t see it as you not knowing any better at all, but that you know.

Technology is absolutely abused when it is used for profit, it becomes a fiendish thing.

Few folk are more engaged with technology than myself, for me it is literally an integral part of religion, and it has been clear to me for some time now that the world we could have if it was used right, seems outside most folks understanding.

There is an infinity of things beneficial to humanity that we’ve missed out on until now, due to the chronic, viral, yet unnecessary mindset of profit.

It seems that the current physical epidemic might just have shaken the problematic mindset. Maybe it is finally crumbling.

Let’s hope so.

You and I came at the problem from different directions, and we seem to be converging. Like you say, there is strength in diversity.

I will try to put together some high level smart contract definitions corresponding to your ideas of social contract, which I will express distinctly as concepts themselves also, as system requirements in the System Model, for peer review as always.

I am using a common tool of formal Systems and Enterprise Architecture design to capture a graphical definition of the System, which also has capabilities of automatically generating implementation code later.

The challenge I have in getting things done is not technical, but more personal. I was thinking of writing an article soon on what must be be a very real phenomenon of burnout, experienced by some working from home.

I am sure you must know something about that too.

Lets hope we can keep attracting more attention to the project.

Thanks also for your indulgence.


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