Stephen I am impressed with your dedication over such a long time, towards fixing the potentially terminal ills we see in society, which I agree are absolutely down to the way we deal with money.

I’ve arrived at a similar place by a completely different background, I am an Engineer, specialising in Systems Engineering.

What is radical, is the suggestion that all people can be wealthy, dare I say even infinitely so, without having to exploit others. The positive implications of that are huge, apparently beyond the comprehension of most people.

As mentioned I got here by a completely different route. I won’t bore with the details, suffice to say it has involved years of effort, and in that time, you are the only other person I’ve heard voicing the possibility.


I can see you might be having similar difficulties getting others to understand, as I have been finding. We can present the hardest of research evidence, but there is a blinding predatory mindset, both coscious and subconscious, which has existed literally for the entire history of humanity to contend with.

There are some differences in the details of how we would implement, but I think essentially we are saying the same thing; money needs to be more closely aligned with adding value to our world, instead of being aligned so closely with just making profit.

I do not see any political solution, I believe it has to be done by technology, which might be disruptive.

I will have a look at your website.

Perhaps you might also be interested in the VRENAR project in my profile, which is my own approach to the solution so far.

As these ventures are both necessarily non-profit, perhaps we could do well by collaborating.


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