Sounds like you might be understating your awareness of technology a little; not a bad thing! Thanks for posting.

As a religiously enthusiastic practitioner of technology myself, my thoughts over the past few years have come more and more to the conclusion that we have already reached the end of the road of profit driven enterprise. Gone are the days when profit driven technological development is truly for the greater good.

Now it seems to be becoming for the good of only a few, at the detriment of many, including our planet.

I think that technology is still the magic key which will lead to the Utopia we aspire to, but to get there, our mindset needs to change, from one of competing amongst ourselves, to one of universal collaboration. In that state, we will pick up where we left off working to the greater good.

I think this will happen automatically when technology finally enables each individual to monetise their own true human value, without dependence on being paid by anyone else.


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