Sounds like the distribution might be being planned in advance of the sourcing, perhaps in hope that the old system of plundering the Earth for energy to profit from might be forced to follow, so that maybe a few newcomers can take over making big profits from it being sustained for a while longer.

But the truth is we are waking up to the real future of power, it is the cheapest form now known, free in fact, several countries supply of it is doing the work of creating money which is being continuously added to the world economy from an extra-terrestrial source, in the form of Bitcoin for now, generated from solar energy, so world wealth is no longer fixed, but expanding an ever increasing rate, which means that right there, is the source from which all people should be paid, for free.

The banks could, tommorrow, switch world debt to our planet as grand creditor, representing all of the energy taken from it, by us, in our history to date, as the two uncannily track one another, it is only right they should be recognised as one and the same, and that the only way it can be paid back down is by massive implementation of solar energy, which could happen in less than a human lifetime, dispelling all wars, all pollution, fixing pretty much every problem we’ve seen of us preying on our own species, and our planet.

With profit and cost cutting no longer an issue, in no time at all, we would see solar-created hydrogen flowing in all of the pipelines of the world previously built for petroleum fuels, and all combustion engines converted to run on that, instead of fossil fuels, taken from the planet.

Some critics might use the argument that battery technology is the limiting factor, but batteries are only needed to maintain power when there is not enough.

With worldwide distributed solar power there is way more than enough to flood the entire power distribution system, it is freely scaleable to any capacity, by using a little of it to power further expansion, regardless of where the panels are, or their efficiency, it all adds up to infinite free power, and infinite free wealth.

I dare you to write about that.

Personally I am itching for the celebrations to start when this goes mainstream, I don’t care who gets credit for it, we all win, there are no losers in that new system.


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