Sorry but this is absolute poisonous rubbish, just like the fumes of burning fossil fuel.

Go ahead, try and say those are not toxic, then go and lock yourself in your garage for day with your car, with the engine running to prove it.

You won’t because you know you are lying.

The only explanation for these claims is you, and he are driven by profit, and you see some path of financial gain from churning out this rubbish.

I will say that about any “scientist” working for any petroleum company, or planning to work for, or with one.

We know fossil fuels were created by nature.

We know fossil fuels were created with only the energy of the sun therefore they are not a source of energy, they comprise only stored energy.

We know there is only one source of energy, it is the sun.

That invalidates everything you claim.


So knowing that, we should ask, why are you trying to gaslight everyone with this effort in Medium?



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