Something worth remembering is that China wiped out the disease with barely a hiccup in their economy by a short, sharp lockdown at the beginning.

They celebrated the Western New Year as normal, no-one needed to wear masks, all of their clubs, restaurants, and other social businesses were, and are open as normal. Taking their vaccine, developed publicly, non-profit, is truly optional, from the government point of view. They have almost forgotten the illness even exists, if we were not perpetuating it.

The truth is we never did the same, and have only ourselves, and our governments to blame.

Doesn’t mean to say the Chinese government is great, but it does mean ours is poor, in pretty much every way it can be said, and that includes all of the official “Opposition”.

The UK government, not much different from the US government, have been talking about a vaccine-driven economic recovery.

I don’t know about anyone else, but that sounds pretty ominous to me.

All the while, there is a real economic solution, one that could even revolutionise the Chinese government also.

We even saw it briefly, but there seems to have been a push to try to move as far away from it as possible, but it might be the only possible way out for us in the West.

That is paying everyone lavishly to stay at home.

3 trillion per month in the US is what it cost, but that was not sustained because it was claimed to be unsustainable, and yet the dollar value went up in that time, not down.

It is absolutely sustainable, because it can be paid back down by money generated from the work done by sunlight, as demonstrated by Bitcoin.

The thing they don’t like, might be that it gives too much power to the people.

With that amount of disposable income, the economy becomes donational, rather than for profit, and everyone has true democracy, being able to independently direct funds towards the things they decide are important.

Then, as before, oil prices go negative, fixed asset prices such as gold and bitcoin languish, shares in companies offering much loved product yet still bankrupt, soar, together with the value of the dollar, and the environment recovers.

In that time, people were functioning in perfect harmony with nature, a donational economy of abundance, flowing from the sun to all things with nothing asked in return.

When we study that we might even further notice something resembling the structure and function of a human AGI, with each human carrying out the function of a synapse in a giant human brain, directing a variable current flow towards others, depending on who needs and deserves it most.

In contrast, our current mode of business, profit / controlled scarcity, is brain-dead.


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