Something slightly annoying and mildly disturbing about Medium

How well, or how badly, does Medium respond to a bit of public (or not so public) constructive criticism?

Ever noticed you get a limited spectrum of stories in your “Recommended for you” list of stories? And a further list of recommendations based on your reading history?

No matter how you’ve tried to widen your horizons, you get the same old authors coming round, again and again, mostly with the same old issues.

Don’t get me wrong, many have worthy causes.

But, after a while, after their message is no longer something new, something no-one else is talking about…

It just becomes noise.

And you know, deep down, there is an infinity of other uniquely new issues out there that you could be reading about, but are not getting to see.


Because the system is filtering it out.

I believe this is partly driven by the fact that many authors are, or have become dependent on Medium for an income.

It might even be their sole source of income.

Everyone needs a living, of course. If they had that, unconditionally, they would be free to write about whatever they felt like writing about.

Or not bother writing at all, if they have nothing new to say.

But Medium isn’t like that.

It is profit driven.

So, most of the value contributed, in the form of new stories or otherwise, is drawn off by shareholders.

As such, it is the least productive form of wealth.


The little bit of wealth left is only enough to distribute to a tiny few, annointed authors.

The responsibility is on a few, to create value.

The ones who pleased “The management”.

The ones who get promoted by the system.

In your feeds.

So, unfortunately you don’t get much variety.

How much value does Medium add to your world as a reader?

Not that much, if all you see is the same old stuff, maybe with a little variation thrown in, over and over again.

It is difficult to imagine how different this could be, if Medium, instead of being driven by profit, was driven instead by productivity.

If it genuinely rewarded the full value of new information to the full true source of that information, its authors.

All of them.

Imagine the value that would be added to the world.

It might seem impossible.

But imagine, if you knew as a shareholder, every cent you drew off as profit was worth billions more, distributed amongst the authors of good stories?

Imagine the value that would add to your world.

To our world.


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