Some thoughts on the Israel-Palestine Problem

Genocide or Not

Frederick Bott
4 min readFeb 4, 2024


I wish I didn’t have to write about this, but it is actually very relevant to the global energy problem, it is a symptom of the energy problem, which is my usual subject in Medium.

There is no doubt in my mind, nor in the minds of anyone I know with a heart, even a lot of those being also ex-servicemen, most folk I know, that what is going on in Palestine is an atrocity in process.

Women and kids shouldn’t be getting killed. Civilians should not be getting killed. Innocent people should not be getting killed. Journalists should not be getting killed. Kids should not be witnessing their whole families killed and brutalised, and then having what is left of their own limbs amputated without even anasthetic. They should be still playing with their friends, going to school, with whatever is supposed to be war happening a long way away from them, like most of us in the West at least experienced as kids.

I heard about atrocity from my grandparents, who all remembered world war two. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime, I trusted that all the dead we sacrificed in the second world war would have been enough, to end all wars forever, I really believed that. We grew up in the seventies eighties with a little worry about nuclear war, but we never thought we would see civilian populations more or less ethnically cleansed, by heavily armed governments, like the Nazis did, ever again.

Health and aid workers should not be getting killed. Hospitals should not be being attacked. Aid supplies should not be being stopped.

UNWRA should not be being defunded.

A population should not be under siege, denied the basics of what they need to live… and still being bombed, strafed, sniped at, bulldosed, even whilst waving white flags, or running in the opposite direction.

That population now already brutalised, decimated, and hungry, is being denied even basic food and water. They are also being denied medical supplies like anaesthetics, and treatments for mass transmissable illnesses like cholera.

They are facing mass death, one way or another, those who have survived, and still they are being pounded by the IDF, who we can see have become nothing more than an inhuman lynch mob, Nazis in everything but name, an insult to all the lives sacrificed in the fight against Nazism, last time round.

There are others in Medium writing about this, to say how much it hurts, to watch the events as they are happening, on media like Al Jazeera.

There is no mistaking that is the reality on the ground, I challenge anyone to watch it for five or ten minutes, then try to claim its fake. The dead and injured are named, the numbers are real. Far more are unaccounted for.

It is all happening over energy.

I don’t just mean fossil fuels, I mean energy, all energy. The energy in food, the energy in people. The energy in the plants we see growing around us, the energy in animals, the energy that comes to us from the sun, the energy in money, the energy of life, the currency of nature.

If you know what I write about, it is about how we are tied to energy extracted from the planet, and how this relates to economy, profit etc, and recently have been writing how it is connected also systemically with colonialism and slavery…. and a burning planet.

It’s beyond weird that the bible knew so much about this.

Anyhow, I won’t go more detail about that here, anyone seeking more can check out my last story which was on this subject also — energy slavery, as it appears to have been implemented by Israel, on Palestine, before Oct 7, whether the Israelis actually knew it or not.

I read also in Medium some folk giving some good advice on how to handle the extraordinary mental pressures we are being put under, by witnessing what is going on in Palestine, as well as the other extraordinarily stressful events going on around the world.

The advice I’ve found also by my own trial and error works for me, is to moderate how much of it we look at.

But please don’t cut it out altogether, we need to all be witnessing it, to feel motivated enough to do something about it. What needs to be done will become obvious to us, when the opportunity to do something about it is presented, I believe.

Watch enough to at least confirm its still happening. Five minutes a day is probably enough. I know it is for me.

UNWRA have lost hundreds of people. They were the last aid left for Palestinians, and now they’ve been defunded. Because of an accusation that a number of UNWRA workers had been involved in HAMAS.

How often is it mentioned that hundreds of UNWRA workers have been killed by the same genocide in Palestine as well?

The accusation against UNWRA came a day after Israel appeared at the ICJ, to answer charges of genocide. How is it possible that it takes something like 30 years to get Israel into court, and still there was no real action against Israel, but it takes only a day, for word of mouth accusations made in the other direction to result in punitive action by all “Member states”?

What I would say is for everyone to be aware now, that what is going on in Palestine, the actual genocide underway, being done by Israel against the Palestinians will not go unpunished. There will be retribution for that, one way or another.

Its pretty easy to see that stopping funds going to UNWRA will stop aid going to Gaza, which will impact life. A lot of Palestinians will die because of that action alone.

So the governments involved in stopping that aid will be implicated as complicit in a war crime.

I would urge anyone involved in defunding UNWRA to think about that. One day very soon they could go to jail for that, for a very long time.