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Solar Energy Needs to Be Separated out from “Green” and “Renewable”.

We are seeing lately much coverage of some uncomfortable truths about the “Green”, and “Renewable” Energy industries.

The truth is coming out, that at best, they are simply sustaining the GEP (Grand Energy Ponzi).

The GEP, is a concept that becomes apparent when we realise that almost all energy used by humans to date, is from stored energy resources on Earth.

Of course it can’t last forever. Using it is becoming progressively more harmful to all life on Earth, including us, and yet all of our known civilisations to date have been built on it.

Every human participates mostly unwittingly in this, the biggest Ponzi we have ever known.

But now we are becoming aware of it.

There is only one way out.

Solar Energy.

But it is easy to lose sight of that when we see the barrage of misinformation generated, again mostly unwittingly, of the harm being done, by all media, organisations, and individuals, with any stake in the established system.

The problem is when we start to lose sight, we start to think that an end, some kind of armageddon is inevitable, especially to those following literally the words of various religions warning of end times.

It might be that these religions are not wrong. But if so, we are simply misinterpreting the real meaning of their writings, in my own opinion. We need to remember, if they are to be believed, those historical artifacts were produced by beings of higher intelligence in full knowledge that we would never really understand them until our intelligence develops to a capacity capable of pragmatically interpreting them.

Either way, there is absolutely no reason to believe we have no choice.

The biggest mistake we could ever make as a species right now would be another world war.

That, between the major powers on Earth, would be the end for sure.

So it is important that we don’t lose sight of the way out.

Solar Energy.

The thing that will die, when solar power is fully implemented, is profit.

That is the simple fundamental driver of the GEP, and the thing trying to preserve itself by all of the misinformation around energy and connected economy.

Every human, driven by profit, has a deadly conflict of interest.

And yet most of us have no choice, for the moment, regardless of which part of the world we live in, like it or not, we are driven by profit, as long as we are dependent on the stored energy of Earth.

But where we see the answer, we have to examine it, each and every clue, talk about it, question it, and when it is found to be rock solid, part of the giant jigsaw puzzle, obviously proven in every way… spread the word.

(I am happy to be an exception, doing everything I can to publicise whilst each possibility might still be to become accepted. I’ve made one or two mistakes, but the end picture, and the answer remains the same; solar energy.)

If we want to take the way out, we need to be able to see it, all of us.

Going on some recent stories in the news, it looks like now is a good time to debunk some of the misconceptions:

“Renewable Energy is a Real Thing”

No it isnt.

Energy, all of it, comes from our Sun.

All energy is donated to us, from that extraterrestrial source.

It comes to us originally as sunlight, and is converted into various forms, including information, matter, life, and most recently; money, by proof-of-work tokens, where the work is done by energy directly from sunlight.

Wind, hydro, nuclear, and even geological sources of energy, are all forms of stored energy, that our planet received originally from sunlight.

“We will Always Generate Pollution”

OK this one takes a few steps of logic to overturn, but is worth examining, as it covers an awful lot of misconceptions.

Remember we can make money from sunlight.

We will keep making it, increasingly more of it, at no cost to us, as the energy being used to make it is donated to us from the sun. That money is solid, with the intrinsic value of firsthand energy from the sun.

So money will become something we are awash with, each of us will have our own authorised means of producing it, and by that it will have value, provided it has traceable proof of being created by the energy of the sun.

With money effectively donated to us, as already demonstrated, we will still continue to trade in markets with no motive to make profit, but simply to support the things, and the people, and the organisations that we wish to support. Even better, all people may participate in those markets, no-one excluded by privelige. Pure, fine-grained democracy, in truly free markets, markets which are free of profit.

So, any organisation or individual proposing to do work to reverse effects of pollution, like any other humanity enhancing activity will be hansomely rewarded.

Further, we will have no need to continue using things like fossil based plastic, a material devised purely on the grounds of profit, to make physical things from, replacing those again with recyclable materials, like glass and metal.

With no cost constraint, we can move swiftly onto upgrading infrastructure necessary to begin fuelling all things formerly driven by fossil fuels, by hydrogen, again manufactured purely from the energy of the sun.

And more, implementation of a world-wide grid, comprising super-expensive yet free superconducting transmission lines, connecting all solar plants around the world with all consumers, will give abundant, constant, free energy to all consumers, whilst removing the need for batteries from the network.

Hence we debunk another myth:

“Solar energy needs batteries, to maintain power when there is no sun”

There won’t by any demand for rare earth elements (Like Lithium) for those.

The sun always shines, we just need to make sure enough solar infrastucture is exposed to it at all times. The equatorial regions form a very large portion of the area of Earth.

Now for some further debunks as yet perhaps unproven, but just from the simplest logic:

“The batteries needed for electric cars will cause massive damage to Earth”

Recalling again we have free money; with free money, there is no advantage to be had by ownership. Why bother buying something, to have to maintain it, when we can snap our fingers to have one delivered, whenever we need it?

Remember, these cars are learning how to drive themselves, and they will do, straight to our door, just like an Uber, but quicker, automatic, guaranteed.

So there, together with the already described absence of need for networked power backup batteries, the expected future sales of electric cars will be nowhere near as many as hoped by the current manufacturers expectations, so the future demand for rare earth elements by battery demands of all kinds are being vastly overestimated.

“The future population will grow to overcome all things”

I don’t have any proof of this one, just life experience, I am sure others can provide evidence; All living things tend to breed more in response to threats from the environment. Humans are no different. The parts of the world where prosperity has made life easy have tended to see decreasing local populations, not increasing. People have less kids when life is easy. There are exceptions (And why not), but in general, we tend to have less kids in the more “Developed” parts of the world.


There is so much mis-information around. On that, we surely all agree.

So we have some work to do, to sort out the truth, in all controversies.

The biggest and potentially most damaging controversy is over the pros and cons of various energy schemes, as those are critical to our existence as a species.

Almost all disagreements, all untruths, and all mistrust, are due to the underlying dynamics of profit.

Get rid of that, and all is fixed.

Seeing the conflict of interest in every human clearly is key to sorting out the truth.

It starts with seeing it in ourselves.



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