Sola thanks for posting.

The problem is, some kind of framework for law and order is needed, to remind everyone what is good and bad.

We need some rules to curb our animal instincts, like greed.

So far that has been religion, though it has obviously not been very effective, regard for human life seems to be slipping down the list of priorities amongst most politicians, who actually just use false religion as a front, to profit.

The bible publicity stunt will more likely alienate even many flock members from their flocks, if they were to take it seriously.

I think most can see that the only god in Mr Trump’s book, is Mr Trump himself.

As everyone is on the internet now, we are gaining more and more knowledge of all religions, and maybe now we are starting to see some common threads, where most religions agree, and where they are turning out to be “Right”.

It would be really cool if a new thread of science was to come about, to investigate more about spirituality in general, to find out more about this thing we really don’t know much about.

Wouldn’t it be cool if all the churches and religions were to agree on that, and make it happen?


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