Socialism, Capitalism, and… Baby.

A third member needs to be added, to identify this family

We’ve seen Socialism, and Capitalism, both in action.

Still, there is many a heated argument over which is best.

In truth, neither worked, and neither failed.

Each had benefits of some kind or another, but both seem fatally flawed.

Now, in the West at least, we seem to be headed into the twilight years of an era of failing Capitalism.

There are those who wish to try to repair the Capitalist system, to limp on for another few years, so as to allow them maybe to die in peace.

And there are those who yearn for a return to Socialism, and some even to Communism, that we saw fail in the past, perhaps to patch up, and to try again in some way, to regain some kind of future for the younger folks.

But, with the entry of ordinary people, wielding free money, to markets, there are signs of something new emerging, something never seen before.

A glimpse of a new kind of democracy, where the markets are the new place of casting votes.

The votes are cast on the currencies, commodities, and stocks, of the countries and companies we see as most useful to our every day lives.

Countries have currencies, businesses have stocks, and we all need food.

The days of believing currencies, and stocks, must be tied in some way with asset values, or with anything at all, or that they must be limited, will soon be way behind us.

They are becoming simply a handle, which can be used to crank the workings of whichever company or business they represent.

If we like what they do for us, we crank their handle by directing some of our disposable funds towards them, buying some of their “Currency”.

If we don’t like what they do for us, we don’t buy.

Nothing could be simpler.

This simple system of worldwide democratic market valuation, can, should, and probably will be extended to all people, by all having some form of personal validated currency associated with their person, which can be marketed, and thus evaluated. Their very own, individual currencies.

By that, every individual becomes a sovereign entity.

What better way to be paid, for the things we do, that everyone else sees as adding value to our world?

The capitalists are correct, in that freely generated money has no real value.

But it becomes something of value, when it is validated in the market.

So what should we call this new paradigm?

If we were looking to create a project, to test the validity of something like this, we might create a coin representing it, and market the coin in the market, to see how well it does, in the market.

But who really cares?

The point is, it just works, it has already been tested, without a name.

And it really is a replacement of the old values of Capitalism, and Socialism, ending both, by combining both in harmony.

It is their baby!

Does it need to be named?

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